Pushkar :) A loving, bumpy ride

In western Rashistan is a smaller, quaint town known of Pushkar. The town is full of a more desert way of life than the many cities of India. It is slightly more laid back, and while it still has it’s share of traffic jams, it is more camels than cars shuffling along the streets. Pushkar is famous for its Camel Festival. This Fall season festival brings thousands of people, both domestics, and foreigners, to watch as camels are purchased, and traded for business. Thereafter, there is a week long camel loving celebration!

As my travel is in December, we did not attend the camel festival, but we’re still intrigued by the Proud Rajastani tradition. It was explained to me that the significance of the camel is it’s representation of Love. Why would a camel represent Love? Because love can be a bumpy ride!

I have enjoyed many bumpy rides in my life, and was smitten by my own camel experience on Mowgli. I can’t say that we had a long affair of the heart, but he did not spit at me. That was something. And after it was all over, bumping along the sand dunes of Rajastan, I wanted to do it again! I suppose you could say that Mowgli’s awkward lope captured a wee piece of my heart. If you ever visit western Rajastan, make sure to experience the ways of the camel. It is an experience that your heart will never forget.





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