Calagute Beach – Goa – Beach Shack attack


If you are the type that loves the quiet Beach life, don’t go to Calagute Beach in Goa during the high season. However, if you love throngs of people, tons of beach, and warm waters, then check it out.

While Calagute was not the ideal Goa destination I had hoped for, it was definitely an entertaining hub for which to explore.

Many Russians and Domestic travellers were hunkered down at the various beach shacks that dot the many sun beds offering free wifi. Good food, and, a big drink selection. They have learned the ways to entice the tourists with blended cocktail concoctions and seafood galore.

IMG_2888My favourite beach shack happened to be the oldest one, first established in the mid 70’s, called Inspiration. Their fish sizzler was not only excellent but a great price with kind hearted fellows running the show. All the beach shacks are a seasonal affair. By May and once the monsoons season knocks, the beach shacks are completely dismantled for the season, only to be re-built in October. There is a transient feel amongst Goa, which few true locals, and many seasonal transplants seeking work,play and a few months away from cold weather.


As a people watcher, the Goan experience did not disappoint. Best of all was my experience at Mapusa (locally known as Mapsa), Market. Mapusa is a 250 rupee rickshaw ride away and well worth the trip. It is a local daily market that provides everything from basic household items, to western clothes, to vegetables. It is an eclectic array of everything imaginable and is a mainstay for the locals. Wednesdays are the big day at Anjune, but it is a more touristy market than that of Mapusa.


If you will love watching, aren’t afraid to haggle, and like the array of colours an outdoor market can provide, then check it out!  Walking along the sands from one beach to another proved to be great fun, as solicitations for sunbeds were constant and smiling waters were fresh. While for me, Goa wasn’t the paradise I had expected, it did provide for lovely weather and some fun outings. Known for its nightlife, if I was 20 years younger, I may have had a more ‘happening experience’, but the Rave Club scene is no longer my game.


If you want nightlife, there is plenty to be had, in Calgute beach. Now I am Goa Goa gone.