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Jaipur – A Shopping Jungle

Jaipur, the pink city, is brimming with retail therapy clinics everywhere you look!

P1130252 Being the capital of Rajastan, it is a hustling, bargaining and bustling city of 11 million people.  It is known for its magnificent forts, glorious palaces and it’s shopping. And, that is a personal weakness on such a trip as this! One can have a very reasonably priced experience in India, as the food is inexpensive and accommodation can be found at every level your budget can afford.  However, if your weakness is shopping, then, my friend, the ‘deals’ can suck you dry.


You name it, and you can buy it in Jaipur. Tailor made clothes, silver, shoes, carpets, furniture, clothing, and on and on it goes.  Quality can be questionable in certain places, so buyer beware.  While the prices can be very reasonable to a westerner, make sure you bargain as much as possible. One note of caution is to beware of the tailor shops.


Tailor made clothes used to be the way to find the ideal fit for a low price. Based on my experience, the tailor shops were a disappointment.   Most of the clothes I had made, needed altering, we’re of poor fabric quality, and seemed far more costly than they should have been.  I take full responsibility for this, as the tailor shop tenders are shrewd bargainers!

Frankly, it’s expected in most shops to have a haggle and start at 50% less than the original price.  You will go back and forth a few times to a settled and reasonable price.  And it is an art to perfect the haggle. 


 So, shop wisely!  Don’t be too interested, nor too vested in any item.  One must be open to walking away like it does not matter if you get the item or not. And, I would suggest walking away far more often than I did.  It will save you bundles!  I wish I could heed my own advice.  May you be ‘one with the the rupee’!